Thursday, October 2, 2008

Welcome to My Pattern Site

It always thrills and amazes me to realize that people actually read my blog Hooked on Crochet. Several readers have asked for a directory of my original patterns, so I created this site to catalog them in one location.

I won't be posting regularly here, but will update this blog site to include new original patterns as they become available.

The links below will take you to my original pattern posts. If you have any questions or comments about the patterns, please post them there.

Please note that all the patterns listed here are original copyrighted patterns. Please feel free to use them for personal or charity work. Do not sell the patterns or post them elsewhere, though you may feel free to post links to the original pattern post.

NOTE: I am very happy to share my patterns and I hope you enjoy them. In return, please consider donating a finished project to Operation Marine Corps Kids.

Operation Marine Corps Kids is a charitable group that I co-founded. Our mission is support our military families by sending hand-crafted gifts to babies that are born while their father's are deployed. Your gift is a small way to thank our military families for their service and their sacrifice.

Thank you!


marcipants said...

Okay...I keep seeing a dark purple kids cap with a yellow flower. I love it; do you have the pattern for that one? I am very into hats right now and experimenting with some for my daughter during the winter.

Wormie said...

Hi Marci,

I'm not sure which hat you're looking at. If it's not posted here, it's not one of my original patterns.

If you leave a comment for me in the post where you see the photo, I'll be glad to post a link to the pattern if it's available.


Sandy said...

You are awesome!

marcipants said...

Sorry. It was a picture in the flickr side bar you have posted to your Hooked on Crochet page...that gadget you have entitled Sample Patterns. It must not be an original or something. That's okay. I am loving the ones you have posted and hope to make the Ava next!

FamilyFun said...

Hi there,
I came across your pattern for a hat "Ava Hat". There are a few instructions that I don't understand. on point 10. you say chain 3, X stitch around (32X)...what is the "X stitch" also you you say "slip stitch to join in BLO" what is "BLO"?
Thank you.
Sylvia Klassen

Brittany said...

I came across your Ava hat and loved it and have almost finished it. I am just learning to croche, but I love the pink one with the croched flower on it and am searching for that you happen to have that one?
Thamks Brittany

Wormie said...

The Pink hat is Auntie M's Rose is a Rose hat. The pattern can be found here:

Trisha said...

Hello wormie, I lloked up the link you suggested for the "a rose is a rose" hat, but to no avail. You mentioned you printed a copy. would it be possible to post it up on your site. It would be greatly appricated. Thanking you in advance, Trisha

Trisha said...

Hello Wormie, I tried your given link to recieve the pattern for "a rose is a rose"hat, but to no avail. You mentioned you printed a copy for yourself. Is there any chance you would post it up? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance, Trisha

Wormie said...

The link to Auntie M's pattern is not currently working. Hopefully it will be back soon. It is a copyrighted pattern, so I don't believe that I am legally allowed to post it without a link.